Filmed Public Lecture: The Abolition of Slavery Debate

Wednesday 27th May, 7pm at Chats Palace, London, E9 6DF

black jacobins cover

An alternative lecture and discussion on factors which lead to the end of slavery. Were C.L.R James and Eric Williams right? Despite its profits, was slavery an inherently unstable system and outdated mode of production? With slaves dying like flies and rebellion on the cards was abolition ultimately a matter of economics? What role did moral objections play and what did William Wilberforce really have to do with it?

In his seminal work Black Jacobins C.L.R. James tells us “Despite the names that were to become so famous….we must beware of thinking that the ‘Friends of the Negro’ represented a force.”

Eric Williams in his book Capitalism and Slavery tells us “The commercial capitalism of the eighteenth century developed the wealth of Europe by means of slavery and monopoly. But in so doing it helped to create the industrial capitalism of the nineteenth century, which turned round and destroyed the power of commercial capitalism, slavery, and all its works. Without a grasp of these economic changes the history of the period is meaningless.”

This fascinating discussion will be introduced by journalist, lecturer and author James Heartfield.

Please arrive in time for drinks and complimentary snacks. This event will take place at the exciting venue, known as Chats Palace,  (42-44 Brooksby’s Walk,London E9 6DF. see map) a 5 minute walk from Homerton station.

Tickets cost £7/£4 and can be booked online via As spaces are limited, it is wise to book as soon as possible.

See you at the event!