A not to be missed crew meeting

Wednesday 28th October, 7.30pm

With only a few final interviews to shoot we are now at the edit stage of what promises to be a very comprehensive documentary on the life, works and impact of C.L.R. James. We are also thrilled to have been offered exclusive access to an interview with C.L.R. James in San Fernando, Trinidad filmed in the 1980’s and never previously screened! During this long interview, C.L.R. reflects on his life and works and even reads from his masterpiece, The Black Jacobins.

We will be discussing the interview transcripts at the crew meeting this coming Wednesday 28th October, 7.30pm at the WORLDwrite centre and reviewing sample clips we’ve been sent. The transcripts are available to read here and do email us if you can make it to the meeting.

Sadly the production team who shot this interview want paying for the footage and can’t afford to just let us have it. This is rather scary as we’re skint. So if you think this project is worthwhile, please chip in with a tenner or more on our JustGiving link here. We are determined to make our film tip-top and with this footage and your support to help pay for it, we can. Can you afford a big donation, £1000 or more? We’ll make sure you feature in the movie credits and invite you as a VIP to the premiere. You’ll never regret it.