Second screening of Every Cook Can Govern: the life, works & impact of C.L.R. James

At 12pm on Saturday 23rd April at Rich Mix (Shoreditch), 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London, E1 6LA

As our launch screening of  Every Cook Can Govern got booked out straight away, we have arranged a second showing and would be thrilled to see you there! This is the first feature-length documentary to explore the life, writings and politics of the great Trinidad-born revolutionary C.L.R. James who died in Brixton in 1989. We hope you can join us on Saturday 23rd April at 12pm at Rich Mix (a terrific cinema!) in Shoreditch for a second chance to see the film. This is not a free event as the cinema hire is really expensive but we are subsidising tickets by paying half the costs which is all we can scrape together, but hope this will mean you can afford to join us there and bring family and friends. Please book your tickets here.

This historical tour-de-force interweaves never before seen footage of C.L.R. James with unique testimony from those he knew, alongside interviews with the world’s most eminent scholars of James’ life, work and politics. Through a challenging overview of his life and his thoughts on colonialism to cricket, from Marxism to the movies, from reading to revolution, what emerges in this film is an understanding of what it meant to be an uncompromising revolutionary in the 20th Century.

Every Cook Can Govern marks the culmination of a three year multimedia project, including an online knowledge portal featuring filmed lectures, a timeline of James’ life, summaries of his work and recommended reading. WORLDwrite’s unique production – crowd-funded, crowd-featured and crowd-filmed – does credit to James’ conviction that every cook can govern. The final film brings to life James’ thought and shows what it means to be uncompromising in one’s principles to the very end and to fearlessly question received wisdom and the world around us.

Please note this unique project relies on your support, so donations via our JustGiving page are appreciated.