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Really exceptional writers and thinkers are those who challenge a fatalistic view of history and have taught us history is something we make. West Indian writer and revolutionary C.L.R. James, one of the towering figures of 20th century thought is one of the best examples. Understanding people as history makers was a prevailing theme of James’ work, a view which WORLDwrite shares with a passion and something we explore in Every Cook Can Govern too. Although the film is now finished, the journey is not over. Our goal is to bring C.L.R. James’ life, impact and works to a whole new audience but screenings are expensive and we’ve done debt to fund archive footage. Crowd-featured, crowd-filmed and crowd-funded, this unique project relies on your generous support. So please chip in via the JustGiving link here and get the word out about this fund raising effort. We are determined to ensure our film makes a world-wide impact and with your support we can.