‘Among the more than a thousand films I have reviewed over the past 24 years, “Every Cook Can Govern: Documenting the life, impact & works of CLR James”  earns pride of place as the most intelligent, serious and passionate application of Marxism among all of them…..’ To read the entire review by Louis Proyect, click here.

‘I would encourage everyone to see ‘Every Cook Can Govern’. And let C.L.R. James be your guide: you will have a world to discover, and there is no better source that I know of in doing so than this labour of love from the makers of what is truly a heroic, magnificent work of art!’ Professor Robert A. Hill, Literary Executor of C.L.R. James

‘This truly remarkable documentary – an incredible collective labour of love by its makers – gives us not only a wonderful portrait of C.L.R. James but also illuminates how he revolutionised our understanding of the historic relationship of black people to Western Civilisation.’ Dr Christian Høgsbjerg, Author C.L.R. James in Imperial Britain

‘This film does full justice to C.L.R. James – great anti-colonialist and revolutionary humanist. In every period of his life he sought to understand the past in order to change the future; an example, which we in the present would do well to learn.’ Alan Hudson, University of Oxford

Every Cook Can Govern is a stunning contribution to the documentary genre; not just majestic in the breadth and depth of its portrayal of CLR’s political life and works, but also a refreshing testament to the power of the collective in the production and presentation of the film. Eve Kay, Executive Producer, 7Wonder

‘One article is not enough to explain the contents of this film. Saying that it was interesting or amazing would be an understatement. For me, it was definitely an eye-opening experience…’ To read the entire review by Keston Charles, click here.

‘A brilliant exploration of a Renaissance man whose pursuit of freedom and championing of the best of human thought is as relevant today as ever.’ Robert Lyons, Journalist & author

‘Through the inspirational life, leadership and works of CLR James (whom the police kept a close eye on throughout his life) we undergo an exciting voyage of discovery and gain a different perspective on history from the slave revolts in Haiti to colonial and world wars.’ Brid Hehir, Retired nurse and FGM blogger at www.shiftingsands.org.uk

‘Not only is the film enlightening about CLR James but, like all the best documentaries or writings, it makes people think about many other topics too, clearly in this case cultural relativism, the role of the literary canon, imperialism and Stalinism vs Trotskyism.’ Daniel Ben-Ami, Economics writer

‘A spectacularly sane, open minded, humble but confident and fearless person committed to learning, questioning and understanding the world’s history and current affairs, educating himself and others. Introduced by enthusiastic and knowledgeable researchers, followers and volunteers. Rarely do I get so inspired. I want to emphatically recommend this film to anybody who is interested in activism, changing the world, history, inspiring individuals…. I had never heard about C.LR. James before – after watching this incredibly informative and engaging documentary I have a new hero.’ Dorota Koziarska

‘It was excellent, revealing. It had lots of new information about Nelson. I met him in Hackney in the 70’s. He is fascinating. I wish I had grasped the significance of his life at that time.’ Barbara Roymacauley, Retired Teacher

‘If you’ve never heard of CLR James, the new film ‘Every Cook Can Govern’ is an excellent guide to one of the 20th century’s key Marxist thinkers. Born in Trinidad in 1901, James’s life was global: from the Caribbean to Britain and France, thence to the USA, Africa and back to the Caribbean, finally re-settling in Britain until his death in 1989. The film, made by loads of volunteers, charts these phases of activism in his life through the use of footage of James and interviews with friends and academics but it also focuses on his writing….’ To read the entire review by Britain at Work, click here.

‘Fantastic; great research. Wonderful, eloquent voices, a gift to all but especially the younger generation!’ Sharon Elliott, Trade Union Official

‘It is a terrific achievement, capturing the breadth of the man and the depth of his genious. Thank you for capturing this life for posterity.’ Soonu Engineer, Manager of a charity

‘This film was a triumph! Masterfully edited, gripping, informative, moving and epic in the themes it took on and the life it celebrated. WORLDwrite should be remarkably proud. I was deeply moved. The best documentary I have seen in years.’ Lara Slyce, student

‘Wonderful! Incredible portrait of a visionary: I loved the thoughtful contributions from all the scholars, academics and associates of James and the volunteer presenters.’ Cleo Little

‘Incredible chronologically correct film. Very informative, this should be shown in our schools.’ Georgie Bremrr

‘I thought it was very informative, well structured, and provided an excellent perspective on C.L.R. James’s inspired work and the connection between politics, cricket and the struggle for freedom and equality.’ Sonia Walter, student

‘Inspiring and moving. Potentially life-changing.’ Paul Taylor, Musician

‘Extremely carefully intercut, edited and presented. The volunteers provided a refreshing dimension too.’ Roberta Acute

‘Excellent production, extensively researched, engaging, thorough, held the right balance of a personal story and historically educational.’ Teresa Cleary, Senior care worker

‘Moving, educational and engaging. The passion of the speakers and quality of original footage gave the documentary depth and character.’ James Keen, Partnership Coordinator Inspire

‘Brilliant, moving well-researched and highly informative.’ Lillian Bernadine, Social worker and management consultant

‘It is a fabulous moving account of a wonderful intellectual, the film did justice to him.’ Elisabetta Gasparoni, Researcher

‘It was informative and educational about so many things of which I had no previous knowledge. Nelson, it’s people and their actions, James and Trotsky, impact of American racism on James.’ Cheryl John, Retired Teacher

The film fills lots of gaps, puts a Caribbean great out there and is an important telling of the unheard-unseen history of revolution and resistance. Barbara Gray, Community Developer

An excellent in-depth look into the life of C.L.R. James. Very rich in detail and some lovely anecdotes and interviews. Lenny Student

Fantastic—I learned so much about CLR James + perspectives on history (20th C.) Very watchable and now I want to read his books. Liz Hughes

I thought it was really very well done. I learned so much about the man, who CLR James was and all he accomplished in his lifetime. I also learned a lot about 20th century history and the way people were being affected at this time. The documentary is also so unique because it was worked on by over 200 volunteers yet it looks professionally done. A hidden legend is uncovered while holding your attention the whole time. Dan McCarthy, Student

A rich, complex and challenging investigation of a brilliant man’s life, and why he matters. Kudos to all the volunteer crew for the work they put into it – it really is one for the ages! Justin Smyth, Librarian and founder Dublin Salon

Few documentaries about inspiring individuals manage to do what this film does so well: present thought provoking political insights from a range of scholarly commentators, vividly evoke the broad cultural and social contexts in which James worked, and provide a lovely sense of James the man.  Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, former teacher, writer and researcher on education

Every Cook Can Govern provides a fantastically well-researched and richly creative overview of James’ life, and a compelling introduction to his thinking. It includes some wonderful discoveries, not least unseen footage of James himself and vivid new images from his time in London and America. Strongly recommended for anyone who is interested in James, or who teaches on James, or is concerned to better understand the world in which we live. Andrew Smith, Author of C.L.R. James and the Study of Culture

The film really deserves wide dissemination.  It opens up the enlightened thinking of a remarkable man at a pivotal time in our history.  The contributors are all clear and generous with their accounts and analysis, the inexperience of the trainee film makers and presenters is in no way obtrusive, the fine editing ensures that the attention never flags for the whole two hours.  The film is an education, an inspiration and on every level a role model. Penny Sewell, Teacher

In our politically agoraphobic times where even lame duck Jeremy Corbyn can be labelled a threat to everyone’s ‘security’, it is the daring spirit and optimistic solutions to human problems we could do with recapturing today. James stood up for principles rather than played it safe. He wanted a libertarian socialism run by the masses rather than any elite, and wouldn’t compromise with anyone that sold this goal short. An inspiring documentary. Barry Curtis, Campaign Against Smoking Bans in Psychiatric Units (CASBIPU)

I knew very little about CLR James and his politics before seeing the film and I found it insightful and engaging from start to finish. I love the way he devoured Western literature like Vanity Fair and Moby Dick and that this informed his view of the world he lived in. And the style of filming spoke volumes about the collaborative spirit behind the film and I think added to its authenticity. Even in old age, he had a twinkle in his eye – you could see what a lively and curious mind he had. Hats off to you and your team for all your hard work. Ali Brushfield, Integrated Creative Director/Copywriter

Every Cook Can Govern – the title itself is a wonderful encapsulation of the politics of C.L.R. James – is a magnificent testament to the life and work of James, the great Trinidadian Marxist. It’s a moving film, in which we catch a sense of the man himself. But there was no James without the politics. What is fabulous in the film is that one can see how quickly he came to imagine himself as a figure in world history. Garveyism was one element in this. Marxism the other. James devoted his life to tracking history where it was most transformative. Revolutions were one part of this. But James also had an eye for spotting emergent new historical forces, with the potential for shaping the future. These were issues which took him not to the big dramas of history, but to practices of everyday life. Here James fastened upon the revolutionary ruptures of the future. See the film. It’ll pull you into history. Bill Schwarz, English professor

After watching this film, a student told me: ‘this totally blew my mind.’ She simply had no idea about the existence of slave revolts or the anti-colonial resistance that CLR James wrote about and participated in, and which this film beautifully recounts. This remarkable, warm and intellectually astute documentary should be shown widely in universities, to blow as many students’ minds as possible. Lee Jones, Senior Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London