In the Spirit of James

Running time: 1:29:00

This filmed panel presentation features papers reporting on research which has been influenced by James, or is undertaken in the spirit of his approach, investigating the politics of sport in a range of different contexts. The papers & speakers are as follows:

1) 150 Years of Yorkshire Cricket & Its Changing Social Context. Presenter: Lionel Cliffe was a member of Yorks CCC and retired members of the Politics Dept, University of Leeds.
2) Cricket as Black Cultural Politics in the Age of the Post-colonial. Presenter: Ben Carrington, Department of Sociology, University of Texas.
3) A Gentleman’s War. Presenter: Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, Documentary Artist. The session was chaired by Minkah Makalani.

This programme was filmed by WORLDwrite CLR James project volunteers at The Beyond A Boundary Conference held at The University Of Glasgow in 2013. The conference marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of CLR James’ outstanding classic Beyond A Boundary.

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