James, the Caribbean & Beyond

Running time: 1:00:28

This filmed panel features papers which focus both on James’ relationship with the radical Caribbean tradition, but also on the wider historical and political contexts within which he worked, and to which he contributed.The papers & speakers are as follows:

1) West Indian Through and Through and Very British: C. L. R. James’ Beyond a Boundary and Coloniality in theorizing Caribbean independence. Presented by Minkah Makalani, University of Texas (Austin).
2) The Boundaries of Publication: The Untold Story of Beyond a Boundary. Presented by Roy McCree, University of the West Indies.
The session was chaired by Ben Carrington.

This programme was filmed by WORLDwrite CLR James project volunteers at The Beyond A Boundary Conference held at The University Of Glasgow in 2013. The conference marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of CLR James’ outstanding classic Beyond A Boundary.

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Jona said:

Thank you for your wise words, Cheryl, about sharing the leonsss we learn to help heal the earth. From the smallest being to the largest, from the ones who seem to have the focus of lesser importance to those who command the spotlight we are all fellow travellers, making our journey one footfall after another. May the time that we spend upon this great spaceship Earth be spent wisely in making a difference for the better. While we can. And may we look carefully at those who do not share our form but who are also fellow travellers those we are crowding out of their habitats and who need our caretaking to ensure a future so that the miraculous diversity of life continues as it should. For we all are so similar in our essences. We just come in different packages and we have those very important leonsss from which to learn and the capacity to incorporate the knowledge if we choose wisely.