Black Jacobins Conference: Contesting History

Running time: 1:29:43

On this intriguing panel, three scholarly speakers consider the approach, influence and meaning conveyed by C.L.R.James seminal work The Black Jacobins. They are: Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall (California State University, San Marcos) who presents a paper entitled Beyond The Black Jacobins: Recent Historiography on the Haitian Revolution; Courtney Gildersleeve (University of Minnesota), presents Facing a Revolutionary: Toussaint Louverture in Bordeaux and Historical Reckoning and David Featherstone (University of Glasgow) presents The Black Jacobins, Contested Universalities and Insurgent Geographies of Connection. The discussion gets heated after Sepinwall suggests C.L.R. James is guilty of a ‘me free too’ approach to the Haitian revolution.

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