The Black Jacobins and Pan-Africanism

Running time: 1:05:12

In this session filmed at the Black Jacobins Revisited: Rewriting History Conference in Liverpool, the speakers and the papers they are delivering are: Sharon Elizabeth Burke (European University Institute, Florence) ‘Reading The Black Jacobins as Pan-African’: C.L.R. James and the Greater Diasporic Historical Consciousness; Peter Fraser (Institute of Commonwealth Studies), ‘Generalising the Message of The Black Jacobins: The History of Negro Revolt’ and Nigel Carter (London Metropolitan University), ‘Educate-Co-operate-Emancipate: C.L.R. James’s A History of Pan-African Revolt’. This video was produced by WORLDwrite C.L.R. James project volunteers attending the Black Jacobins Conference held at the International Slavery Museum and Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool. The conference marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of C.L.R. James’ book The Black Jacobins.

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