CLR James Interview – ‘You never know when it’s going to explode’

Running time: 16:57

To mark the launch of WORLDwrite and WORLDbytes multi-media project on the life and works of CLR James at the Kia Oval, an article based on an interview of CLR James by John Fitzpatrick was recorded as a podcast. Read by Andrew Hirst it is intercut with CLR James himself from the original recording. John Fitzpatrick interviewed CLR James in Brixton in April 1989, probably the last interview he gave, before James’ sad demise in May 1989. The interview covers subjects ranging from Margaret Thatcher to revolution to Stalinism. A thrill to listen to, always lucid and articulate James summarises his attitude towards politics with Marxism as a guide, “properly thought of, always with the feeling that history brings things new, that you didn’t see before” he explains “we can view the future with a certain confidence; we have a method that is aware of the past but open to the future.”

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